Thursday, September 06, 2007

Bae Yong Joon's Car

Reposting my post here from soompi. ^^

about the Rover, yeah i've read from bb's blog that yong joon just changed his to a newer one. smile.gif cool! i'm sure it's black again.

since our topic is yong joon's car. i've been wanting to post this which bb posted in her blog in Feb this year. It's about yong joon's car smile.gif i've actually asked bb's permission to post this before but had second thoughts. but since this is byj thread and the plate numbers are not revealed might as well post this now smile.gif

ok, let me start with yong joon's old range rover

according to bb, yong joon seems to be chauffeured around quite abit in his gunmetal range rover. he was using that almost all the time when he had to travel between seoul and samcheok during the AS days.

this one is yong joon's porsche ~

suehan has posted this photo on byj in toronto which bb is so kind to share in her blog smile.gif

yong joon seems to favor black cars. here's what bb has to say about it. she wrote in her blog that someone told her that yong joon once said that cars ain't cars if they ain't black.

and now the maybach that he purchaseAlign Centerd mid december 2005 which costs 770 million korean won which is translated in dollars as S$825,000 blink.gif

well, this is not exactly his car but since bb wants us to have an idea what his car actually looks like, she did a research about the car and shared with us in her blog. smile.gif

bb also wrote that each car can be customized according to the buyer's preference.

cool car don't you think?

for more info about the maybach click here

thanks to bb and suehan for the some of the info


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