Friday, September 07, 2007

TWSSG's main theme sung by TVXQ

I guess everyone must have heard that TVXQ will be singing the main theme song of TWSSG entitled 'Thousand Years of Love'. Oh, i love the rhythm of the song! I can't say anything about the lyrics yet because still have not seen any translation nor the romanized lyrics. But according to news the love song tells us about given fate and heartbroken love.

Here's the video of the song ~

You can also click here to listen to a different window


MYMY said...

hi hi liezle onni! thanks for this post!

i love your music!!! do u also like MYMP???

Robyn said...

hi liez!!! gosh i haven't read anything about joonah for a long time already. and i am so glad i visited your blog cos it's just now that i found out that tvxq is going to sing the theme for twssg... ^_^ when you have a copy of the song, don't forget to give me a copy... please!!!