Thursday, October 23, 2008

[Article] Key East Advance to Sailing and recreation business

isn't this amazing? will they have yong joon as their model? i wonder what trigger this business. this is way off in their line of business which is restaurant and entertainment business.

Key East Advance to Sailing and recreation business

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Key East has signed a contract with "Modern Sailing",a company manufactures sailing boats on Oct. 20, 2008.

The content of the contract is: Both two parties utilize their own strengths to collaborate in the business of entertainment at Sea. "Modern Sailing" is in charge of the manufacture of those sailing boats and facilities whereas KeyEast is in charge of its marketing.

Key East:" We have some well-known artists like BYJ, SJS and LNY. with whose influence, we expect a good market in both domestic and overseas and which will also be good to the export business. We are looking forward to it."

"Modern Sailing" has businesses with some other extraodinary Sailing boat design and manufacture enterprises in Australia and New Zealand. In the meanwhile, "Modern Sailing" itself is a pioneer in the sailing and recreation business.


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