Monday, October 27, 2008

[Article] Keyeast enters into strategic alliance with Hyundai Yachts Co. Ltd.

this is the more accurate news that i've posted earlier regarding keyeast venturing into anaother business.

Keyeast Co., Ltd. enters into strategic alliance with Hyundai Yachts Co., Ltd.

source : KeyEast website

The Asian media/contents company Keyeast Co., Ltd. ( announced on October 20 that it entered into a strategic alliance with leisure yacht manufacturer Hyundai Yachts Co., Ltd. for the “stimulation of the marine leisure sports and yacht business.”

Hyundai Yachts Co., Ltd. is the leading leisure yacht manufacturer of the domestic yacht industry. With the recent interest shown by the people of Korea in the marine leisure industry as the background, Hyundai Yachts Co., Ltd. has formed business alliances with the leading yacht designers and technology enterprises from Australia and New Zealand.

Keyeast Co., Ltd., whose largest shareholder is the main actor of the Korean Wave, Bae Yong Joon, and Hyundai Yachts Co., Ltd., which is the leading domestic leisure yacht manufacturer, will utilize their strengths for this new alliance. Hyundai Yachts Co., Ltd. will be in charge of manufacturing and supplying yachts and related equipment, while Keyeast Co., Ltd. will be in charge of marketing and sales.

A member of Keyeast Co., Ltd. stated that “we are expecting the names and images of actors and actresses, who are influential in Asia, and the brand power of Keyeast Co., Ltd. itself, which is a recognized brand outside of Korea too, to have a positive impact on the domestic and foreign marketing and export activities of Hyundai Yachts Co., Ltd.” In addition, the member of Keyeast Co., Ltd. said that “Keyeast Co., Ltd. will increase the value of its brand through other brand licensing projects,” and that “we are currently preparing plans for other long-term sources of profits.”


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