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'Drops of God' Relationship Map & Character Description

here's a very interesting scanned article from a japanese magazine. i will give the details of the characters later.

[SCAN]Hallyu Fan (韓流ファン) vol. 7
Source BYJ Gallery by arayo
taken from xiaoyi's blog
translation : mariko/soompi

Character Description [from left to right]

Mr. Roper >> Former best friend of Kanzaki Nodaka, father of Shizuku. He is homeless living in a box at a park while he has more than 10 million dollars. He will be the adviser of both brothers. He’s also a wine expert.

Kanzaki Nodaka >> Father of Shizuku. His has more than 20 million dollars asset and a wine collector.

Issei Tomine >> Is a gifted wine critic and he aims at collecting wines. He was adopted by his father before his father passes away. Together with Shizuku they received a challenge and will confront each other. His knowledge in wine is abundant. Not only is his expression excellent but also concentrated to put his life into his passion of wine.

Kanzaki Shizuku >> Is a beer salesman of Taiyo Beer. He was transferred to the newly established wine division. Though he has inherited his father's gift of wine since childhood, he opposed his great father and gets a job in the beer company. He has shown rich sensitivity and expression with the extraordinary sense of smell which was inherited from his father though he has not much knowledge about it.

Sera >> Half sister of Tomine from his father’s side. A beer commercial model at Taiyo Beer Company. She also a gifted wined taster.

Roran >> Partner of Tomine. She has a special relationship with him. Her mother is Japanese.

Miyabi >> She’s still studying to become a sommelier but she seems not to pass the examination for sommelier. He met Shizuku in a restaurant. She is employed at Taiyo beer.

Other Characters

Saionji Maki >> Is the President of Saion Training company. She is Roran’s sister

Kiri Suzuko >> Is the lawyer of Tomine who manages Tomine's wine collection.

Fujii Shirou >> Is a Sommelier at Wine Bar Mono Ball. Adviser of Shizuku.

Honma Chosuke >> He will help Shizuku. He loves italian wine. He's working with Shizuku in the same division.

note : we're not sure of some of the names since the chinese characters are hard to translate.

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