Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Jung Min & his beer

I found the video, mel!

Check mark 0:59 and see how Sexy Charisma gulped down one full glass of beer. The sexy smile after downing the beer is to die for. ^_^

I swear, Jung Min is so full of charm and so handsome in their Taiwan trip.

thanks to uno0708 for uploading the video on YT

p.s. i just read that SS501 is top searched in Yahoo HK today. ^^


Miko said...

OMG!! ii cant wait to see them here!! I really wan to fly to HK NOW!! But ii cant!!
I hope they will come SG for the FM and concert FASTER!!!

greentea said...

Check out poohl's YT channel (thanks, poohl; sorry if I did wrong by sharing) and look for the fanmeet vid where JM is pretending to run. He's so cute! I think his recent look suits him well, especially in motion shots.

--- greentea

mel_1223 said...

Thanks Liezle! muach muach!

Ah....it is soo bad that my office network blocks YT! I have no choice but to wait painfully for at least another 10 hours before i can watch it!

Have a great time there in HK, wish i could join u too!

mel_1223 said...

Hi Greentea, yea, I saw the vid where he pretends to run! sooo hot! everything bout him in taiwan is damn hot !

And the last part after he pretended to run, n just sort of swings his body..ah...god, i m drooling drooling again with that image in my head now ..hehehe

mel_1223 said...

I hv just watched it! Thanks alot for the vid! ah..now i can never look at guys drinking beers the same again, cos they r not JM! ^^^

Sweet nightcap for me now ;))