Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Kyu Jong Pix Spazzzzz

Okay, are there any Kyu Jong fans visiting my blog? This page is for you!

I always love photos from kyujong.com. they're always big and very very clear. the following set of photos were lifted from SS601.com. They were taken then the boys arrived at Incheon Int'l Airport last Saturday for their trip to Taiwan.

Do you know guys that I always love his innocent look? There is something about Kyu Jong that when seen for the very first time you'll know already that he is a good young man.

Btw, if you're new to my blog, have you see Kyu Jong's family pictures? Not yet? Click HERE.


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much! I love Kyu Jong a lot :) and really glad that you're posting his pics in your blog. Hope to see more of his stuffs here! Cheers~


I am Hui_7** said...

Kyu Jong is my 2nd fav after Leader! hehee..i also think he got this "aura" ard him tat says he's a very nice and sincere guy!

TripleS - Malaysia said...


You are really good.. to find all this..they are so charming, but how come there's isn't any of Baby HJ...
I like his hair style and mature look.. :) Pity him, not much photos on him..ehehehe

Thanks for sharing especially YoungSaeng's..Yeah feel like pinching him real hard and hug him hard.. Awww...

Thanks again, and enjoy ur flight tomorrow, and also the fanmeeting event.


PeiWenn said...

Kyu's my second favourite after leadar too! *High5*

hehehe, i've stolen many pics from your blog.
thanks and credits to those who posted:)

yokee said...

hi liezle..

when u get to hk, pls remind bb to double up on evthing she's doing there on my behalf. already reminded her b4 she flew but i bet after all the frenzy she'll sure forget :p

"There is something about Kyu Jong that when seen for the very first time you'll know already that he is a good young man."

I AGREE 120% !!!!!!

liezle said...

Hello Denise! I hope you've seen my latest post on cute Kyu. ^^

Thanks for dropping by.


liezle said...

Hui, it must be the eyes of Kyu. ^^


liezle said...

Jen, I'm also wondering why I haven't seen much photos of Baby. As what bb said in her text yesterday, Baby seems to hide from the camera. Anyway, don't worry, i'm sure later on Baby's photos will surface.


liezle said...

PeiWenn, no problem for so long you give proper credit especially to the original posters since they're so generous in sharing these wonderful photos. And my sharing in my blog is my way of spreading my love for the boys.


liezle said...

yokee you're here! thanks for dropping by. i'll surely tell that to bb don't worry.

high5 yokee! ^^


wen0607 said...

Dear liezle

I also stolen many of your photos from your blog and of cuz I won't forget to credit you and all those who posted.^^

When are you leaving to HK?
Time is getting nearer and nearer~ wow~>.<
You can see the 5 guys very soon!!!
Envy! >.<


J_Girl said...

Couldn't agree with you more. He's also my 2nd favorite after Leader. Right when you look at him you know this kid is sincere with a good heart! AND he's super FUNNY! Have you ever watched them on Star Golden Bell? He likes to make fun of YS for the way he is on TV compared to at home and he also has these crazy sexy dances he does lol

Anonymous said...

There's something in Kyu Jong's aura that make him very manly compare to the other members...its the IT factor! He's my 2nd fave in the group :)