Monday, June 29, 2009

SS501 > Real-time Hong Kong Update

Text messages from happiebb ~

9:53 fans are now approaching the gate. The plane will touchdown anytime soon. Glass door of gate 2 is now open. bb thinks that some taiwanese fans flew with the boys!.^^

9:57 Passengers are coming out! Fans have suddenly appeared!!!

9: 59 SS501 got their own camera crew... Many young fans very dressed up.

10:01 The boys are taking long to come out. bb thinks that they're waiting for everyone to come out.

10:07 They're out! Handsome!

liezle : bb and girls are probably in cloudnine now! anyone please, do you know where they are staying in HK?

10:31 They just came out from the loo! ^__^ They haven't been cleared by immigration yet. ^^

10:38 They have gone via VIP passageway. Probably madhouse outside? [liezle : according to bb it's so hot in HK now]

10:44 Hyun Joong didn't want to look forward, quite hard 2 take [photo?] But he kept doing little dances... cute! Jung Min and Kyu Jung are nicest, looking at fans, smiling, posing for pix. Young Saeng super lowkey. Baby timid, kept hiding behind people.

They took many good photos and videos! Hee, not sure though where they'll share it. But i'll keep you posted.


bb and the rest of the SG girls are now probably resting. thank you so much bb! it was fun getting real-time updates from you. I hope to see you on Wednesday. ^^ btw, let us know where we can see all the wonderful photos and videos theytook.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the real time update! Have fun with bb!

Anonymous said...

Liezel & happybb thank you for the updates.

Im excited for you...

quizzy said...

hey liezle,

so your going to hongkong!?
wow.. so jealous of you..

you have to take a lot of pics, okay.. and pls pls update us of the happenings..!

and say our regards to them! lolz

thanks very much!

angelxuan said...

oh my oh my! it's reallie REAL-time updates! so exciting!!

wish i was there.... y didn't they go to HK when i was there in April?? y y ??? *sob*

Miko said...

omg!! ii sooooo envy of euu guys!! haha~ Be sure to update us with all the latest news!!

Emz.Infinity said...

oh my gosh! so envy of u gals. share more photos pls.

kadd said...

Allthese excitment...can't sleep tonite! Wished my trip to Hong Kong was this week instead of 2 weeks ago:(!

Have fun with bb & company...

KHJ looked so refresh...
Looks like the boys had lots of fun with the Taiwanese crowd.

Please remind them to come by S.E. Asia - Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia etc etc...
They'd also receive much "warmth" hahaha...

spring said...

Thanks a lot Liezel & happybb..

glad for HK fans...
they will also be glad to receive such warm welcome from HK..

they showed real themselves to fans..
HJ is just be he is and will practice his dance as he can..
JM and KJ always wave and give nicest pose for fans cam.
YS is also the way he is.. shy and always stay as lowkey.
Baby ofcourse hide here and there too..
their true characters make us love them more..:)

Thanks you again..;p

quizzy said...

hmmm cant wait for moe info and pictures!!!

J_Girl said...

Wahhh! Thanks for the update!! Can't wait for more!! Awww BB's there too!! Hope you girls are successful in stalking the boys!!!

mailene said...

hey liez, have fun ok?
and update us! say hi to bb too!

wen0607 said...

Again thanks liezle and bb's updates! ^^

Hope you gals have fun in HK fansmeeting...
Look forward to more photos of them in HK! >.<