Tuesday, June 30, 2009

SS501 Unforgettable 1st Visit in Taiwan

Thank you so much again to SS5014ever/rj for sharing this translation on Quiante. I'm pretty sure they're so touched by the warm reception that SS501 gave them.

Triple S Taiwan, wait for them in October and give them again the kind of reception you've given them. ^^

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06/29 [news] Korean group SS501 loves Xiaolongbao,, can't forget Taiwan fans'

Credits: cna.com.tw + (English translation) SS5014ever @ quainte501.com

What does Korea's top group SS501 find the most memorable about Taiwan? Apart from Xiaolongbao, it'll be the fans' crazy enthusiasm. When they heard fans queued up a few days prior to the fan meeting yesterday, and after the fan meeting ended, there were fans who rode on motorcycles to follow them, they were very touched.

SS501 ends their 3 day visit to Taiwan, tonight they'll be leaving Taiwan, and heading for Hong Kong to hold their Asia Tour fan meeting. In the press conference held today afternoon, when they talked about memorable experiences in Taiwan, member Park Jung Min answered in Chinese, "Xiaolongbao!" Subsequently the 5 boys all expressed, Taiwan fans are really very enthusiastic.

Leader Kim Hyun Joong said, Korean star Lee Min Ho who had come to Taiwan before told him, not to be shocked by Taiwan fans, and this time he has really experienced the enthusiasm of Taiwan fans. With regards to them being surrounded by fans at the airport, and the 5 of them looking uneasy, Kim Hyun Joong specially apologised today.

During the press conference, host Wu Jian Heng arranged a test to see how the 5 members agreed with each other tacitly, the result was, Park Jung Min was chosen to be the person who forgets lyrics easily. With regards to the "love" from his members, Park Jung Min "expressed regret", and say he won't do it again in the future; Kim Hyun Joong got chosen as the person who doesn't get out of bed easily, he said, in the past only when the phone rang 50 times when he was asleep would he be able to wake up, but now he only needs 5 rings, so there is an improvement.

In the end Park Jung Min got the highest "marks", and won Taiwan Beer as a reward, he drank it in one gulp, and expressed it was like filming an advertisement. Kim Hyung Joon joked that he'll be so drunk that he can't find his own room. Kim Kyu Jong was curious about the cup-like lights on the ceiling, and jokingly said the beer should be drank by pouring it into the cup-like lights.

In yesterday's fan meeting, the 5 of them were friendly as if they were the boys from next-door, acceding to all the requests of the fans, Park Jung Min even took the initiative to hug a female fan, and screams kept going on.

When interviewed today, the 5 of them didn't change their playful nature, Park Jung Min talking the most, Kim Hyun Joong dismantled the microphone, trying to see if there were differences between Taiwan and Korea microphones. Heo Young Saeng said, even though it's their first visit to Taiwan, but Taiwan feels very familiar, as if they've been here many times.

SS501 will hold their Asia Tour concert in Seoul, Korea on 1st, 2nd August, Taiwan's concert will occur between October and December. Kim Hyun Joong said, if Taiwan fans can't wait till them, they're welcome to come to Korea's concert to hear it first!


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Thanks for all the updates... You are great!...

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J_Girl said...

Couldn't help but to LOL at this- "Kim Hyun Joong dismantled the microphone, trying to see if there were differences between Taiwan and Korea microphones." That is SOOO HIM! I just love it when he does random things like this!!!

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Ah, this is great! thanks for all the live and 'almost' live updates here!

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