Monday, November 30, 2009

fancam : young saeng @ mbc charity event

Found a fancam taken at the MBC charity event that happened today. This is from BESTYS and posted by 매생이 on Hey, Young Saeng fanclubs rock! They've been sharing so many lately. ^_^

This is a 2:29 minutes video. Young Saeng really look cute when he made that mistake. He was smiling until the very end of the song. Check it out!

If you can't view the video click HERE.

And here's YT video courtesy of kucouncil/Sudal

P.S. There are some changes in SS501 schedule this week.

Cultwo Show: canceled
Intimate Note: postponed to probably next week
12/9 Wine Party [Kim Hyun Joong] [liezle : i'll let you know of the details later, i've already read this]
12/11 God of Cookery Expedition 100th airing [Kim Kyu Jong & Kim Hyung Joon]
12/16 DK Party [Kim Hyun Joong] [liezle : i've not details yet]


Anonymous said...

Hi Liezle, sorry to bother you, i've ques regarding uploading of gifs.

Just wondering you save gifs from websites and upload to photobucket or? If so how do you upload it without changing it's acutal size? Cos when i upload gifs onto photobucket it automatically changes its size =/

And how do you upload gifs into blogger by making its thumbnail small. I've tried doing but cant.

Sorry but hope you can help or anyone? Im super noob at all these stuffs.

Sudal said...

I've just upload on youtube. Visit here to watch this fancam
He's so so adorable and professional:x

Sudal said...

Btw, you've said about Intimate Note, SS501 will be guests or just some of them?

liezle said...

Hi Sudal, thanks for the link.

All of them will be guesting in Intimate Note. They had a recording earlier. It supposed to be this week but the broadcast is postponed to probably next week.


liezle said...

hi Anonymous. you can use any image uploader for so long that it has the capacity to upload gifs. you can resize your gif on your blog by clicking it once and then when you see the borders you just drag/pull down the corner to the size you want it to be.


finkle said...

Hi Liezle, what was the Cultwo show su0pposed to be about anyway?

Anyways the comment box is so cool! is it only for updates or do we ask questions there as well?

liezle said...

hi finkle!

Cultwo is a radio show like Power Radio and Music High.

Glad that you like the comment box, I'm still thinking whether to put it permanently or replace with another one since the name of the poster doesn't reflect.

That box can either be an update or you can also shoot questions.


Anonymous said...

Thanks liezle for the help. I manage to get the blogger part. It's been a year since i use blogger so i was like thinking wah how come i so dumb. HAHA. As for the gif i think my photobucket got prob. My other frens upload gifs wont get auto resize. Oh well ): Thanks for the help ^^ Have a good night rest.

joy said...

wow. youngsaeng is soooo cute. he's always like that when he makes mistakes (even while dancing).