Monday, November 30, 2009

[added 5 photos] more of young saeng in white...

and black ^0^

There are a lot of reasons why Young Saeng fans should be smiling wide with giddiness. There are just so many photos of him taken by his fanclubs! And here's another one from Amorino that I lifted from the post of 김프로 on


P.S. In the comment box HERE, janjan said that 'wearing those pants should be a crime' [what she meant was the pants that SS501 is wearing at the charity show]. And I said that 'it's a crime looking a them'. argh... who can' resist not looking!

P.P.S. I added 5 more photos [first 5 photos] courtesy of Sudal.

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Anonymous said...

You are spoiling us of too much prince Liezle. Do not blame us if we ask for more.

Sometimes i get scared seeing them in white pants. I don't know why. ;)