Saturday, December 26, 2009

another slow day

When you've been used to getting news, photos and videos one after another for several days then a day comes when there's nothing much it makes you feel a little crazy. Then what makes you of it? Well, if you're feeling like that, you are an addict. A certified SS501 addict. Do you agree? ^_^

It's a slow day today. Nothing really much is going on in SS501 community. Thanks though to the fancams from Gimpo and Haneda we had a slight glimpse of Hyun Joong.

So, what have you been doing? Me? Well, since I saw the invite of SS501 for Persona in Bangkok , I sort of got a little excited and was checking on some of the videos that I still haven't had that chance to really look at and savor just like these two videos from Persona in Hong Kong that I saw on khj0606 by Feeling. Check it out and get excited like me for the upcoming Persona in Bangkok. Hope you guys can make it since SS501 promised that it'll be another fun and exciting Persona and that they've prepared new things for the Thai fans as well to fans from other countries attending the concert.

Btw, I'm sure you already know that the changed of date to February 13 of the Persona in Bangkok somehow created problems to many especially to the Chinese fans. As I've mentioned in my earlier post, it's not only the Chinese that are affected by the change of date, even the Koreans who are celebrating Seollal are very much affected.

As you know, Seollal is the first day of the lunar Korean calendar. It is the most important of the traditional Korean holidays than the solar New Year's Day. Korean New Year is typically a family-oriented holiday. It is a three-day holiday and is used by many to return to their home towns to visit their parents and other relatives where they perform the ancestral ritual.

I was talking to a Korean friend last night and I was told that there are Korean fans who were also sad of the development. Some even have already refunded the tickets. But I believe that there are others who are trying their best to fill in the hole that the other fans vacated by getting the vacated slot. Well, I hope that those vacated slots will be replaced. Anyway, we still have one month and 16 days to go [is my computation correct?] quite enough time to think and make plans. If I'm not mistaken during the Persona in Hong Kong there were also some tickets that haven't been sold even a week before the concert but were sold when the date of the concert gets close.

Anyway, I'm really hoping for the success of Persona in Bangkok. I'm pretty certain, Thai fans are doing their best to help promote this concert and to make this one a very successful one. This might just be the last one though we've been hearing so many rumors. But until the rumors are not confirmed they remain rumors.

For now, I'm really anticipating Person in Bangkok. February 13, a day before Valentine's Day. It will surely be a concert overflowing with SS501 love.


Anonymous said...

Yeah I agree with you so much! I keep on coming to your blog every few hours to check updates on SS501. Really makes me feel like an addict. Haha. But there's not much updates about them today.. ):

Anyway, love your blog! :D

Anonymous said...

I am a certified SS501 addict! You made me say that and i confess!


PA said...

Hello all SS501 addicts. I'm a Vietnamese Triple S. (I hope U know Vietnam). We are so so so sad about the changes of Persona Concert in Thailand because 14th Feb, the same with Korean holiday,is the 1st day in our traditional holiday. It's is really important for Vietnamese. So it's very hard for Vietnames fan to join that Concert in Thailand. We prepared some gifts for 5 oppas, but now... huhuhu T_T...
Hope that my English is not bad for U guys to understand. This is my 1st comment here.
I do want to make friends with all of U,too.