Sunday, December 20, 2009

Clear & big photos of SS501 @ Asia Buzz Awards

More clear and big photos of SS501 came out today. I was actually thinkin whether to post this set or not. They're good photos and worth grabbing so, I thought of making a page for this here to share with you.

This set of photos taken by the shutterbug of KYU's [] was shared by redcat on

Btw, since this post is from last week's HK trip of SS501. Let me share with you some fancams by Belle. The took this of course at the concert and I'm sharing them with you with Belle's description. Thanks Belle!

This is the clip of Leader's solo, as always with fancams, the audio is lousy but at least the image is not too bad.

This is my star piece with a close up of Jungmin when he came right up to our area. This one the audio is rather decent.

This one captures almost the entire encore and is 6 mins long. I caught Leader being attacked by the water gun and stringers.


Anonymous said...

looks like we hv 2 twins here
Jung Min & Baby HJ
Leader & Kyu
YS looks cute here

WanNurNasyitah said...

i really agree with u anonymous.
u said what i just wanted to say.
jung min really looks similar to hyung jun n kyu jong looks similar to hyun joong.
the pic num 21.
i confused between kyu jong n hyun joong.
young saeng as always r just tooooo cute.(yes im biased towards ys as always too.hehe)
i reallyreally love them wearing tux.
they so good n looking much more handsome.
thx liezle.....

PeiWenn said...

kyu and leadja are looking more and more alike. lol
tom and jerry twins~
and youngsaeng is the only one with his own hairstyle. hee
at first i thought it was leadja drinking with ys, but no.. the eyes belong to kyu. lol