Monday, December 28, 2009

DJ Joon & Danny on Dong Go Dong Rak

On Christmas Day Maknae together with Danny Ahn of G.O.D. were the guests of Song EunEe & Shin BongSun on their SBS radio show Dong Go Dong Rak.

Since Maknae also is also hosting a radio show on SBS I guess the two DJ prepared a banner for Maknae with 'Music High DJ Joon' written on it.

Photos were lifted from Prettyboy from the post of purewater.

Btw though still thin, I kinda like Maknae's puffier cheeks now. I guess with only Music High now [he used to have so many on his plate, like Green Gold and God of Cookery] he now has more time to sleep and eat good food.


Anonymous said...

I want him to put on more weight.
But yah... he looks better now
compared to the months when
he was still dong cookery.
His hair... i like it styled
that way that what you called
in one of your posts messy
bird's nest. lol...

marge0256 said...

I agree with you. I hope he gets to eat more now. :)

Thanks liezle for sharing!

violet said...

He is Denny, not Andy.
The title is Dong Go Dong Rak. The meaning is to share sorrows and joys with.

liezle said...

oh yeah Danny... and why did i typed Andy [shakes head] @_@*. thanks violet!