Wednesday, December 16, 2009

[Eng Subbed] Golden Fishery - Radio Star Part 2 - 12.09.09

Part two of SS501 guesting on Golden Fishery - Radio Star that was aired last December 9 has been subbed by Shirley and posted on her shirbogurl3 channel.

Don't miss this one as this part you will hear and see Maknae getting bolder answering to questions, SS501 talking about their ending contract with DSP, about girlfriends and their dreams.

ThanKYU Shirley!

Btw, if you missed watching the first part you may click HERE to watch ltstraus subbed videos.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Shirley for the subs and to you to Liezle. HJB is always so cute. I like it when he speaks out what is on his mind. Despite being the youngest he's gutsy to be bold.

qwerty said...

Hi again,

The Part2 for Fishery video doesnt just end there right? Is shirley going to sub the rest?


shirbo said...

hi qwerty,
last week's episode ended there. The rest of the interview should be aired later today.

Anonymous said...

many thanks! :D

they're really refreshing to listen to