Friday, December 25, 2009

a few bits

Well, tomorrow as what is seen on the calendar on the sidebar, Hyun Joong will be flying to Japan for the recording of Gourmand's Table a TV show which will air of Fuji TV on January 5 at 12pm to 1pm. I've blogged about this earlier, you may click HERE to read.

Not sure when Hyun Joong will be back to Seoul but on the the 27th of December, SS501 will be flying to China [i think Beijing] to attend a special show with Chinese F4 on Hunan TV. According to the report they will be in China until January 2. Kinda long, right? I wonder what else the boys will be doing.

So, for those still hoping for SS501 to attend any year end awards shows, well, there goes your answer, no SS501 in any of them.

Btw, I failed to this blog yesterday, though I'm sure some of you already know, Maknae said on Music Show yesterday that, "I want to visit Singapore. I may be able to go there because of concert early next year."

Alright don't put too much hope into it, k? Let's wait for DSP's announcement which I'm pretty sure will come soon [and i hope pretty pretty soon].


eunice said...

MANY TSsg waiting ~ :D

Liezle !
What show was he on that he said he wanted to come to sg ?

eunice (:

carollalala said...

hi eunice, its on his music high radio show =)

SSsufi said...

yeah!! pls pls pls do come!!! im dying to see you guys!!! :DDD

saKuRa said...

Please come if possibe. How I wish to hear him say that man. Arg ~~~