Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Few more pix from 2nd Chirstmas Show

I found this set of photos from SS601.com and they are better than the one I posted last night.

Hyun Joong is looking so good with his hair down. He looks younger and really handsome. Like his face with less make up too.

From the photos below all of them seemed to have changed their hairstyle. Noona stylist must have forgotten to bring spraynet or must have realized that spraynet is one of the many causes that can damage our ozone layer.

Btw, I wish our friend who attended this event will share with us the story behind these captured photos.

Meanwhile, let's enjoy first these photos. Thanks to kimhyunjoong of daum cafe for this set of photos from SS601.com.

Here's photo of their individual gift box where TSJ can put their present to each member.


kuwaneey said...

Hye Liezle..

I wanna ask bout SS601.com. Can I view it in English Version?Is that possible?

Anonymous said...

leader is more handsome in hair down style,
all photos are really hard-breathing, hmm!

Anonymous said...

leader looks like the way he just debut with his hair! xD nice

Tuliplilac Shirley said...

actually i prefer leader with hair gel up..anyhow he is one gorgrous hunk regardless of his hairstyle :)

JM's gift box is overflowing w gifts...tats a great idea to hv gift box !!

Anonymous said...

Leader is so young and boyish with that hair style. He looks even prettier than normal with litte makeup.

khin said...

Me too I like him with hair down.

Thanks liezle!