Thursday, December 17, 2009

[GIFs] Hyun Joong's sexy & cool 'Rainism'

Still can't get enough of Hyun Joong's dancing to 'Rainism'? Here are a set of GIFs from HSScandal that I lifted from

Hyun Joong's 'Rainism' is a softer version of Rain's. Hyun Joong dance 'Rainism' as if he's just dancing it for fun though still very very sexy while the original version has a more badass also sexy attitude.

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Btw, this event, the DK Party, was attended by 450 lucky fans. Geez, and this 450 fans were so lucky to have seen Hyun Joong perform 'Rainism' just for this occasion. Before performing Hyun Joong said that he practiced hard for this dance and the he hopes that they'll like it. Gawd, Hyun Joong fans didn't like it they loooooove it!


Anonymous said...

You are totally correct on your observation about their dance. HJL looks like he is having so much fun dancing and seeing that it looks so natural on him. While Rain has more attitude.

Anonymous said...

I like hyun joong add his own color to this dance. HIS NAUGHTY CUTE SMILE. OMG!!!! He made the dance so charming and gorgeous in his own way. I love how he danced the same routine, but added his own charm and gracefulness to it, instead of repeating a full copycat of Rain.
Seems he really enjoying him self, eh?
And the last pose.. *dies*

newyorkcitygirl said...

Yes, I had to research in youtube rain'version to see the difference,like what all of you said especially liezle, his version is softer, and his having some fan, I like he made his own touch or style, he has his signature move already. I don't know if I'm bias, but i like his version better, sorry guys.As what others say, he's more charming

marge0256 said...

LIEZLE!!!! *faints*

thanks for sharing these gifs. It sure made me smile and made my day even better!!! :D

I;m sure the fans LOVED his performance. So natural and talented leader.


Latigre said...

I actually like this version better. It's graceful, and effortlessly alluring. Rain's version is sure very sexy, but kind of forceful.