Wednesday, December 30, 2009

[guessing game] stretch cotton brief or stretch cotton boxer brief

Alright, while waiting for more news whether SS501 will be landing in Shengen today or tomorrow [hope you read the post on the sidebar] thought of making a guessing game to kill the time.

I'm bored pretty bored so I thought of checking again some of the old photos that I have collected through out the years of being a fan. Look what I saw. ^_^ Nice, yah?

I'm certain quite a big percentage of my visitors know the owner of this torso clad in Armani undies belongs to [this kind of photo definitely is posted on the net as quickly as possible]. But I want to have a little fun so I thought of doing a simple guessing game. I want you to guess whether he's wearing stretch cotton brief or stretch cotton boxer brief. ^_^ Can you guess?

Nah, I'm just kidding. For those who are seeing this for the very first time, I'd like you to guess who the owner of this torso by ticking your answer below. I'm only giving you three choices.

Who is the owner of this torso wearing Armani undies?
Kim Hyun Joong
Kim Hyung Joon
Neither free polls

Let's see if you guessed it correctly. Clue can be found in this next photo. Do you know what clue I'm referring to?

You think you got it right?

Caption reads : Cool! This is me when I still do a lot of exercises. Kyu Jong and I are having fun. [not sure of the last part... mianhe]

You guessed, correctly? Alright then, back to my original question, so what do you think Hyun Joong prefers wearing stretch cotton brief or stretch cotton boxer brief? ^_^


Anonymous said...

wow! this perked me up.
i think hjl is more comfy wearing
stretch cotton boxer brief.

Cclee said...

Lol!lol..!!! I love this game.
I think it's stretch cotton brief.
Wait a minute, how do you know it for sure? You better have an answer for us. He he he..

bb said...

boxers boxers boxers :p

Anonymous said...

Brief ^^ leada is brief user kekekeke

FranciseFaith♥ said...

OMG liezle..
this post. my gosh.

*i'm currently having pervy thoughts.*

Anonymous said...

Boxer, it's more manly.

newyorkcitygirl said...

I think boxer shorts, because he said that he feels as if he's suffocated, remember he doesn't like to wear anthing when he is sleeping so anything clinging, maybe he doesn't want some briefs. what you think? hehehe!

SunnyLovesSS501 said...

What a nice guessing game liezel!
For the first time,
i got the correct answer in all your guessing games..
thanks a lot for this..
i'm speechless..^^
btw, may you have a prosperous new year liezel!! :)

neewgm said...

I agree with newyorkcitygirl ~ boxer here too. ^_^

Gosh, never expect myself doing this ~ first about their love and now about his undies! Getting too personal nowadays ~ pls excuse me, I'm a crazy noona of his here. @_@

LaTigre said...

It's stretch cotton brief, I think. Lol, this is fun. I like it!
Ha ha ha ...I wish we know for sure

Anonymous said...

I would vote for Boxer..more comfortable..hehe..anyway...when u showed the 2nd pick...whats the clue? I've no idea

Anonymous said...

kekkeke i remember some interview.. about their underwear types.. LOL...

maybe you will know the exact answer...

i like this interview.. this interview is so funny.. lol.. and dorky as usual..
*just dig some stuff*
i like to collect old interview.. hehehe...

Parts of “M.Net Japan Power Interview” (oct 2006)

M.Net Japan broadcasted a “K-Pop Zone Power Interview” with SS501.
It should be recently recorded in Korea, because they talk about Hyun Joong’s CF.
Because it is very long, the Chinese translator at DoubleS501 didn’t completely translated it..
She translated the big gist of it. smile.gif

And Yeong Saeng didn't talk very much.. =/

Guys please excuse me.. *embarrassed* I’m getting lazy, so I’m gonna type however, and not focus too much on my punctuation & capitalization.. tongue.gif

Power Interview:

*shows some flashback videos*

Question: In the free time that you’ve had without activities, how did you spend it?
JM & KJ: DJing at Youngstreet Radio
Baby: shopping, playing games with Leader
Leader: record CF, there isn’t time to rest

*shows flashback videos of M!Picks*

Question: Introduce your first official album.
Leader: A new category of dance music. There is also a lot of love songs, songs of mid-level rhythm, we chose 12 songs from all sorts of songs.

Question: Members’ first impressions of each other.
Anwers omitted because this is similar to what they’ve said before in a magazine.

*shows flashback videos*

Question: What was the hardest thing before you debuted?
??: Practicing.
JM: It’s just like a squirrel running non-stop in a round cage, everyday we repeated that kind of living. We didn’t even know what time it was or what we were allowed to do, it was very hard.
KJ: It’s very hard. At that time we all didn’t have any more money. The 5 of us ate ramen for two months straight.
Leader: We studied all kinds of eating styles, for example adding an egg in it or something..
JM: We ate in the park. I really dislike eating ramen, but I still ate it.

Question: We hear that Japan’s concert tickets have already been all sold out! (regarding their Osaka concert)
Baby: M.Net Countdown Japan was our first time to go to Japan, but everyone already recognized us, we were really amazed. Our first step in Japan was a very good beginning, later on we will hard even harder, we will let everyone see an even more handsome SS501 in the Tokyo Concert in the upcoming year.

Anonymous said...

Second Part: Asking SS501

Leader: *reads question* I will ask Jung Min, how many times have you been dumped?
SS501: *loud laughter*
JM: dumped by women?
Leader: answer honestly
JM: not once
Leader: then the number of times you’ve come clear (about your feelings)?
JM: from when I was born until now...
Leader: How many times have you dated? (Hyun Joong, why are you so in a rush to ask? Let him answer! Haha.)
JM: once
Leader: Then when was your first kiss?
JM: first kiss...... *thinks*
Baby: Is it okay if we ask this much?
Leader: ha ha ha.....
JM: That’s true. I don’t need to answer this much. Isn’t the question only how much times I’ve been dumped? I haven’t been dumped before. (So after all that, all those questions just came from Hyun Joong himself.. -__-;;)

SS501: ask Kyu Jong!
Baby: Second question: when was your last kiss?
KJ: Third year in high school. It was my first time and it was also my last time.
JM: First kiss is also your last kiss?
KJ: Yes. With someone younger than me.
JM: With someone younger than you?! (Why is Horse so surprised..? Unless he kissed someone older….? o_O)
KJ: it was in front of the school late at night
Leader: at the construction site?
KJ: *laughs* no. it was at a bench in the park

JM: I will ask Hyun Joong. Please tell us your ideal type. (More Hyolee?)
Leader: *subtle expression.. thought for a long time* Koda Kumi.
JM: from the MV that you saw last time?
Leader: yeah. *shows a clip of Koda Kumi’s MV* Koda Kumi’s charm is all embodied in this MV, not only is she cute but she’s also sexy.

Yeong Saeng to Hyung Jun: what are songs you sing often in karaoke?
Baby: Lately I like to sing Ne-Yo’s “So Sick” *sings a little and gets embarrassed* (Baby likes to sing American songs I’ve noticed.)

Leader: What kind of style is your underwear? (This was a question on the card.)
JM: thin elastic shorts that sticks close to the body
Leader: *exaggerated-almost-dying-laugh*
Baby: Just like the kind they wear when you wrestle?
JM: Because it seems like it has the effect of raising the buttocks. What about Yeong Saeng?
YS: I also wear the tight thin shorts.
Baby: Both people are K-1 champions. *laughs*
JM: What about Hyung Jun?
Baby: I will answer honestly, what I like is the more fitting short briefs *laughs embarrassingly*
Leader: I don’t like loose briefs, the emptiness isn’t comfortable
Baby: Loose briefs, is it because you wore it a lot and you made it bigger? Just like big uncle’s briefs. *laughs*
Leader: I use the athletic type of briefs.
KJ: Whatever is fine with me.
JM: He likes the glow-in-the-dark ones. *all members bursts out laughing* You can see it no matter where he walks. Haha.

Fourth Part

Question: Scheduled activities in Japan in the future?
JM: Next year on January 13th, 14th we will hold a concert at Tokyo
Leader: we have the plans to release an album in Japan, right now we are working hard to study
JM: Next year in Japan.. hahaha *couldn’t resist but laugh*
Leader: *jokes* Next year if everyone comes to the Tokyo concert, you will know why we are laughing, we will let everyone see then.
*all members bursts out laughing*

*continues to publicize themselves*

SS501: Let’s meet in Japan!

*shows “Fighter” music video*

-- end --

Credits: Quainte & (chi) setu@DoubleS501 & M.Net Japan
Translation: heart2heart

liezle said...

thanks for this! i read this earlier too. but this will surely help the other visitors.

there's your answers...

jm, baby and leader like boxers. ^_^ kj will either have boxers or briefs. & ys? i think he likes boxers too.

Anonymous said...

hi Liezle, thanks for this guessing game... enjoyed it even though i didn't get the correct answer.

and thank you to Anonymous for sharing the excerpts of the 2006 interview of SS501 - very informative....hmmm... 4 briefs and for KJ anything that glows ^^ seriously, they are so wacky