Sunday, December 20, 2009

Hyun Joong @ Kimpo Airport 12.20.09

Here's a video of Hyun Joong returning with SS501 from their successful 2nd Christmas Show with TSJ. Video courtesy of lifted from the post of 강아지풀 on

Please note that this video CANNOT be edited, downloaded and uploaded on any video streaming sites as strictly prohibited by king If found out they might not just share video to overseas fans anymore. Thank you

If you can't view the video above you may click HERE.

P.S. Yes it's in the news, Kim Hyun Joong and Heo Young Saeng were spotted watching the concert of SNSD at Olympic Park.


marge0256 said...

Ooohhh. I'm not surprised they're actually watching. Hahaha! :)

Thanks for sharing this liezle. It gave me a smile. Tons! :D


good luck on the BKK decision making. :D

SSsufi said...

haha. im not surprised either. hyun joong is close with snsd jessica. so maybe she invited him. and young saengie is a huge fanboy of snsd leader taeyeon from his sm days. haha. im sure they had fun. ^_^

ffaaiitthh said...

i think Leader is close to Jessica.. Coz there were rumors that Jae Joong and Jessica dated for quite a while.. as we all know, Leader and Jae Joong are bestfriends so that makes him comfortable with Jessica.. and Young Saengie ofcourse, a big TaeYeon fanboy.

ellaine said...

haha..Young Saeng must be in heaven while watching SNSD..actually i saw one compilation clip of YS dancing to SNSD..just wanna share it here if you dont mind. it's cute..YS definitely a SNSD!