Friday, December 18, 2009

Hyung Joon, an ambitious youngster

Remember how I said earlier that I find Maknae being bold lately with his answers. Well, I now know where he is coming from. Read this article to know more about it and how the other Maknaes of idol group are coping being the youngest.

And you know what, I think that the other members are doing pretty good making sure their Maknae is not left out. Maknae may always be the target of the other members bullying but that exposure[the bullying] surely makes everyone notice Maknae. And isn't it that amongst the members he's the busiest next to Leader?

'Ambitious youngster’ Seung Ri vs Hyung Joon vs Joon Ho…who’s the best?
[Money Today Star News by reporter Lee, Soo-hyun]
Korean to English translation by ♥ HYS ♥ / liezle's blot

Joon Ho from 2PM, Seung Ri from Big-bang and Hyung-joon from SS501
ⓒPicture=Reporter Song, Hee-jin songhj@, YG Entertainment.

These days, the program called ‘Idol youngsters rebellion age’ is being aired through SBS E!TV. This program shows the youngest members of idol groups to overcome their sorrow for not getting an enough attention as the youngest members, and undergo a training session to become the leading person.

It is a rare circumstance that the youngest members of idol groups to receive much attention that result in creating a program just for them. The leaders tend to get the most attention as they are most exposed in the media and therefore, it is reasonable that the youngest members get the least attention from the media. Furthermore, as the numbers of team members are getting expanded, it is not exaggerated to say that standing out from the rest of the team members is related to their struggle for existence.

Therefore, it is no wonder that the numbers of ‘ambitious’ young members are increasing to become the stand out member in the team and among the fans, they are called as, ‘ambitious OO’.

Then, who is the true “Ambitious dark horse”?

[As expected!]
Debut as a solo or in a drama

Kim Hyung Joon of SS501 had exposed his ambition through the MBC show, ‘Radio Star’.

In response to the question, “Things they would like to request to the company in the case of a re-contract”, unlike other members who wished for separate practice room and the solitary program for the five members, Hyung-joon responded that he would like to debut as a solo or act in a drama.

Radio Star hosts have rejoiced over ambitious Hyung Joon that he certainly possesses a ‘victory mind’ and Hyung Joon had stated that “I would like to continue my career as SS501 but I want to be the one to stand out among the team”, which shows his strong determination and the ambition as an entertainer.

We wish Hyung Joon to be the best of everything! Kim Hyung Joon fighting!


Anonymous said...

Good luck Hyung Jun!

Liezle, I agree with you. Hyung Jun is getting so many support from the other members. The bullying like what you said helped a lot in making him popular. Hyung Jun shines the most when being cute and giving funny remarks not to mention that his voice lately dominates most of their songs.


Anonymous said...

yepp, I third this. Uri adorable always get my attention and others, i think. There's nothing as "the youngest member always gets the least attention" ^^

The content of this article is kinda confused. I don't really get the vs thing between Seungri, JoonHo and Baby here. Baby doesn't participate in the program, right? Am I slow in understanding or the info provided in the article seems unrelated

Anonymous said...

oooppps I mean uri adorable Baby *pointed above*