Thursday, December 17, 2009

"i love you...i'm sorry..." by heo young saeng

Thanks to Shirley for the heads up. ^_^

The full version of Heo Young Saeng's song 'I love You... I'm Sorry...' that is included in the OST of 'Will it Snow on Christmas' is out. Shirley made a video of the song using Persona in HK encore pix since the song is Christmas-ish.

Thanks so much Shirley!


Luna les reveur said...

heee... no comments here? i still have HK persona-hang-over... and i just took a time to be online now for your updates Miss Lizzie... i'm so glad i met you in person! we were able to attend the yahoo buzz awards... even w/o ticks :) i loved heo young saengie's perf... Find is one of my favorites... did i mention that he's my favorite amongst five? :)

Anonymous said...

Liezle and Shirley, thanKYU for making an Mv of this song ^^

the melody is nice, the lyrics moving and the voice touching - i was intently lestening to BadBoy prince's voice - it has become fuller and deeper....

yeongsaeng saranghae!