Thursday, December 24, 2009

[Eng Trans] Kyu Jong left a message!

He really is such a sweetie! He just arrived last night and today at 10:22am he left a message on DSP webby. Here's the message in hangul and hopefully we'll get the translation soon.

Btw, Kyu Jong also left 3 lines of messages in TOK. ^_^ He was there for about 2 minutes.

Super thanks to kbklynish for providing the translation on SS501 thread @ soompi and for the heads up at the comment box at the sidebar!


[Kyu Jong] Merry Christmas~~!!! Here again without fail...!
2009-12-24; 10:22:40 a.m.
Korean to English translation by kbklynish

Merry Christ-Christ-ma-ma-s-s-s-s!!!!!
Unfailingly again this year~ Matching well with this cold weather, this Christmas!
Hee ^^ I already ate the cake the fans gave me yesterday(ng)~~ (cutesy ending)
Because I ate cake, somehow it feels more like Christmas!!
I hope our pretties will also spend a pretty Christmas~
It's very cold outside so when you go out, dress warmly!!
And~~ it's nice to go out during Christmas but~
It's also nice to stay home and watch a movie~~
And listen to good music~ ^^
I woke up early~ and did all my piled up laundry~
Listening to music, I'm leaving this morning letter~
Oh!! Everyone that wished EunAh a happy birthday! Thank you so much~
Our EunAh totally loved it ^^ EunAh seems like a baby but...
Did you know she already graduated college?!
Wow.. hee hee
I'm very sorry I couldn't watch over her during her college life but..
Since she graduated so impressively~ I'm so happy and thankful. Hee.
neway, neway (slang)!! Christmas!!
Have a really happy one~
And will we have some Christmas snow..?!!!
If you want it to snow on Christmas..
You know what song you have to listen to today, right?!!!
Hee hee. Everyone listen to that song and let's pray for Christmas snow~~
That person sure can sing~ Right?!
The voice just meltsmeltsmelts~ ^^!!
Ok then, everyone have a great Christmas Eve! (korean) Bye (english) Byebye..


Hangul Message of Kyu Jong on DSP's Webby

[규종] 메리크리스마스~~ !!!! 어김없이 찾아왔군요..!2009-12-24 오전 10:22:40

메리메리 크리스 크리스 마 마 마 마 스스스스!!!!!
어김없이 올해도 찾아온~ 추운 겨울에 잘어울리는 크리스마스예요!
ㅎ ^^ 난 어제 팬분들이 주신 케이크 벌써 먹어버렸지용~~
케익먹으니까 왠지 크리스마스분위기좀 나는거같았어요!!
우리이쁜이들도 크리스마스 예쁘게 보내세요~
날씨가 많이 추우니까 밖에 나갈때는 따뜻하게!!
그리구~~ 크리스마스때는 나가는거도 좋지만~
집에서 영화한편보면서 쉬는거도 좋아요~~
좋은 음악도 듣구~ ^^
난 아침일찍일어나서~ 밀린빨래도 돌리구~
노래들으면서 모닝글 남기는중이랍니다~
참!! 은아생일 축하해주신 모든분들! 정말로 감사합니다~
우리은아가 완전 좋아해요^^ 은아도 마냥 애기같았는데..
벌써 대학교 졸업하는거 알아요?!
우와..ㅜ ㅎㅎ
대학생활을 옆에서 못지켜봐줘서 참 미안한데..
멋지게 졸업한다니까~ 너무 기분좋구 고맙더라구요 ㅎ
무튼무튼!! 크리스마스!!
정말로 잘보내시구요~
과연 크리스마스에 눈이 올까요..?!!!
크리스마스에 눈이오길 바란다면..
오늘 어떤노래 들어야하는줄알죠?!!!
ㅎㅎ 다들 그 노래 들으면서 크리스마스에 눈이 오길 빌어봅시다~~
참 그 사람 노래 잘하더라구요~ 그쵸?!!
목소리가 녹아녹아녹아~ ^^!!
그럼 다들 안녕히~~ 크리스마스 이브 잘보내구요! 안녕 빠빠이..♡


marge0256 said...

kyu certainly knows how to make us smile. Christmas gift from our beloved KyuPid! :)

Thanks liezle!

miyo said...

Hi liezle,

Seems like he's rather high in saying "Merry, merry, chris, chris ma ma mas!!!!" lol..

Think he mentioned that he ate the cake that he had received from the fans. (I remember seeing him carrying a box from the video airport eh?)

SunnyLovesSS501 said...

thanks for sharing kyute's message liezel!!
looking forward for the english translation..
merry christmas to you!
God bless..

SunnyLovesSS501 said...

are you searching for the eng trans of this message in the net?
just right after i posted a comment here..
i opened a new tab to visit cyndzz blog..
i saw the english translation of his message..
you can go to this link to share the eng trans of kyu's message..

original translation maade by

hope it helps.. merry christmas again!
(haha.. i think it's my third greeting to you of a merry christmas.. ^^)

doris said...

EunAh is KJ's sis?
KJ is so cute with his words and lil expression.
Merry Christmas "Eve" everybod! ^^

fianz said...

Dear Kyu Jong ah..
Let it snow..let it snow..

Merry xmas to every one!!! ^0^

God bless You..always..

Anonymous said...

darn, just as i was trying to focus my 501% attention to BadboyPrince - then i saw your post on Kyu leaving a message and well, i couldn't resist opening and reading his cutesy greeting and reminder to take care of oneself ..... he has this magnetic pull that makes him very attractive and i've fallen (again)

+ he is just too sweet and thoughtful to his fans^^

즐거운 휴일 보내세요 to you and to all!!


marjven said...

tnx for sharing!!!
kyu is such a sweetie!
it would be great if my fave member will also leave a message.. la la la?????

debz said...

I woke up early~ and did all my piled up laundry~

aawww..thats just too cute..kyu, the rest of the ss501 boys, liezle, and all the triple s in the world, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!