Thursday, December 31, 2009

look who's sticking it out this time around =P

I got a present from Sudal and I'm sharing it to all of you.

As you probably know by know, Sudal is one of Young Saeng biggest from from Vietnam and that has been sharing with me and to other blogger as well photos of Young Saeng because she wants to spread her love for Young Saeng to every SS501 fans.

From my last post, here's a continuation [I think I'll be making a series of tongue sticking out posts in the future] of Young Saeng's photos wherein he's been caught by the shutterbugs of his fan clubs sticking out his cute little tongue.

Thanks Sudal!Likewise, thanks to all the shutterbugs who have taken the photos that I've used above.

P.S. If any of you guys have photos of the rest of SS501 ticking out their tongue, biting their lip, and pouting that you think I haven't posted yet, you may send them to me. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Oh my cute little Prince.
Thanks for the lovely post
and Happy New Year!

Luchi said...

love these pics, Liezle!! <3 cute! :)
Did you recieve my mail? I sent it to the add on the side here:) just checking!;D <3
Much love, Mai/Luchi~

liezle said...

Hi Mai! Yup I get them. I'll be posting some of them when I'm done with the rest of the images i'm looking to attached with them.

Happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

Sudal and liezle, thank you for sharing Badboy Prince's pictures...worth saving every shot..also extending my greetings to all who support and love SS501 - have a blessed, safe, healthy year ahead of all us and may the good force be with us always.

SS501 fighting!