Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Maknae surprise visit on a radio show 12.09.09

It's a late discovery but is seems that before Maknae left for HK last week, he made a surprise vising to Kim Chang Ryul's Radio Show last December 9.

I'm reposting here the video courtesy of Shirley's shirbogurl3 channel as well as the photos from Kim, Chang-ryul’s Old School Homepage which was taken from PrettyBoy.

Like what I posted above I've lifted the photos from the website too. And for us to understand what's written on the photos below, I asked ♥ HYS ♥ to translated that captions. So, thanks ♥ HYS ♥ for the translation once again.

Caption Translation
Korean to English by ♥ HYS ♥

For those who listened or watched
an Old School Radio on Wednesday,
you’ve certainly hit the jack pot..!!
Our young DJ Kim Hyung Joon
had appeared on the 2 am Music High show~

He sat on the DJ chair
as soon as he got into the studio.

(Sure! Certainly!) (Hey Joon, don’t I have long arms?)
(Ah…yes…it’s fun) (So…How is it doing a DJ?)
(Pardon? Oh…that’s… (Hmm…you seem to be a quite handsome guy?)
I think so…ha!!!(You’re handsome yourself!!)
A warmhearted ending
(Yes, we should be the ones to lead the Power FM!)
Lastly… DJ Joon making his
heart shape…Good bye~
(I love all of you from an Old School) (Oh…that’s what his fan service is all about…)
Bora seems warm hearted…
DJ Joon!! You should come back on the show more often.
But of course!!! Kim Chang Ryul is still the best!!!
And if I say that DJ Joon…
had appeared on the show to do his school duty…will you laugh?
…Music High fans probably already know, right?
Why I give out this kind of joke…

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i know you are super busy and all, but when you get the chance, you can make a correction on your date in your comment box (1st par) instead of Nov. 9, 2009 change to Dec. 9, 2009.