Wednesday, December 23, 2009

maknae wearing banc

Two photos of Maknae wearing Banc [] were posted on by 항상있어.

Banc shirts designs are all cute. The last time I was in Seoul last October I was able to buy several Banc shirts. Hee, and they're not expensive.


mying said...

hey liezle,

may i know where u get your banc clothes in seoul? gotta get it next time... BANC clothes are super lovely..

thanks for ur help yea =)


liezle said...

There is a store in Myeongdong.


annacronism said...

Hi, Liezle.
Sorry, I don't know who these young gentlemen are, but they are adorable. Some very nice pics here.(I am fairly new to the K-pop, K-drama scene; only since May, 2009.) I really just stopped by to wish you a Merry Christmas. (The pictures are a bonus, to me, I guess. Hehe. Thanks, dear.) Love, Anna