Wednesday, December 16, 2009

more clear and steady fancams from persona in hong kong

As promised to you right after the concert last Friday, I will be sharing with you the videos that Shrimpy330 took at the concert. They're quite clear and I'm amaze with her steady hands. Geez, if it was me taking the shoot I don't think that I'll even have one decent video.

Anyway, thanks Shrimpy for the videos and uploading on your shrimp330YT channel. I miss you and the rest of the ladies company. It was really a great outing in HK.

(Small segment of Hyun Joong dancing to "A Calling for You")

(091212 SS501 "Because I'm Stupid" @ HK Persona Concert)

(091212 SS501 "U R Man")

(Young Saeng Solo "Find")

(091212 SS501 "Only One Day")

(091212 SS501 "Green Peas")

(091212 SS501 "Love Like This"

(091212 SS501 HK Persona Ending Part 1)

(091212 SS501 HK Persona Ending Part 2)

(Hyun Joong Solo "Please be nice to me")


kadd said...

hi liezle, agree with you 505% on those steady hands of shrimpy. those are clear, focused and fabulous vids of the entire concert!

shrimpy, glad you got your christmas gift early to bring back those memories!!!

kadd said...

oopsie should have been!

Anonymous said...

Thanks kadd...I had the most 501% wonderful time at the concert and meeting you and other fans. Yes, what a way to end 2009 and looking forward to another exciting year! Glad u enjoy the vids...keep in touch!

-shrimpy ^.^v