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more photos from 2nd christmas show in japan

These are wonderfully captured scenes from the 2nd Christmas Show in Japan that I found on from the post of love-hj . This is from the Q & A. I'm sure most of you've have read the translations from other blogs such as that of lovekimhyunjoong and cagali's.

Check the difference between Kyu Jong and Leader when they're with their fans. I so envy Kyu Jong's fans. She she lucky to have that little chat with Kyu Jong. I wonder what they're talking about.

Alright, since I've posting this photos here, let me share with you happiebb's translation of the Q & A and some other stuffs that happened at the show. Thanks to happiebb for the translation from lovekimhyunjoong.

reposted in chinese by: [yzb]′ / hyunjoongchina
translated into english: happiebb / lovekimhyunjoong.wordpress

[TRANS] X’mas Event in Japan

The Christmas Dinner started with playing of the Japan concert video. The women were discussing about leader’s woman as they ate their dinner. The event started after dinner. They’d opened with Love Like This, and the boys wore THE GRAY OUTFITS that they had worn when promoting LLT. Leader’s really cute.

After performing LLT came their usual style of greeting ╮(╯_╰)╭ YS didn’t introduce himself as the prince… (okie, okie, you’re Bad Boy now…)

After that was Haruman (Only One Day).

Then it was Q&A session, the type whereby the boys would raise O (yes) or X (no) as answers.
Answers are in this order: (1)Leader, (2)YS, (3)Kyu, (4)Mal, (5)Baby

Q1: What if your girlfriend dresses casually or sloppily for your Christmas date?

Baby: Coz she’s my girlfriend, so everything can be forgiven~

Mal: Aiya~ That’s really matured~

Leader: No, no… I chose wrongly… (seems like he didn’t understand the question correctly–+)

Q2: What about wearing couple outfits and stuff?

YS: Would like to wear sweaters~

Leader: Absolutely not. But if it’s rings or accessories, OK!

Q3: Would you do something special to express your love during Christmas?

Mal: I’m someone who is very good at expressing love and affection even on normal days~

Leader: I’m not good at expressing myself. Maybe just pull her from the back when we’re walking and kiss her (Leader demonstrated this with Baby playing the role of his woman…)

YS: Compose a Christmas song for her, and then record it and give it to her.

Kyu: Record a Christmas carol/song.

Baby: Wear a thick coat, wrap her in my arms and hold her close (Baby also demonstrated this, and this time Leader ‘became’ his woman’…)

Q4: Can you accept it if your girlfriend is late by more than an hour?

Mal: If she didn’t contact me and tell me about it, no way I will forgive her!

Q5: Where would you like to bring your girlfriend for Christmas?

Mal: Overseas, Thailand and places like that. Want to have a Christmas that’s not cold.

Leader: B&B guesthouse, can prepare meals and eat together, and can go fishing. If (her?) parents are OK with it, we can stay there for two to three days before sending her home. This year arh… it’s regretful that it’s not possible… Maybe sometime in the future.

YS: Ski resort. Want to have snowball fight with her.

Mal: en, en… Hide a stone or something in the snowball… haha…

Kyu: Jeon-ju

Baby: Go for a gathering with my family, like go fishing and stuff.

After the Q&A session, the boys sang Always and Forever, and then they played the Phone Call Connection game. Each of the five boys had a cellphone in their hands, and they announced the numbers of the five handsets. The moment the emcee said ‘GO!‘, the fans started to dial these five numbers to see which fan could successfully get through to the cellphones that the boys were holding on-stage.

The lucky fans who could get through could go on-stage for her prize – an alarm clock with recording function! The member whose number the fan got connected with would record on-the-spot whatever message the fan wanted to hear!!!

Leader: Mika~ ~! Wakeup~ ~! Quickly get up~ ~! Aishiteru (a recording with a rock feel- – and, he didn’t seem to get the recording right, and had to do it a few times)
(*bb: Aishiteru = i’m in love with you)

Kyu: Quickly, get up orh~ ~ We’re going to Disneyland together~

YS: I’m coming over to see you now~ Quickly get out of bed orh~

After that, they sang Hoshizora.

Then they changed into an all-white tuxedo, and started to light the candles table by table, and also to deliver their greetings. There were 100 ordinary tables, and five VIP tables. Each table had 10 people. For the VIP tables, all five of them went together; as for the ordinary table, only one member was appointed to each table.

There’s a lady who had brought along her kid- -+, the kid fell, and Leader carried the kid up.

Leader was the first to finish lighting his candles and return to the stage. Then it was YS, Kyu, Mal and Baby. Leader was really speedy; Mal and Baby were very polite and friendly.

Next, the five of them sang Green Peas in Japanese! The lyrics were shown on the big screen, and everyone sang along. Then it was lucky draw and giving away of the prizes, and then more chatting.

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