Tuesday, December 15, 2009

more photos from the asia buzz awards

I'm pretty sure you are all hungry to see more of SS501 photos in tux. Who wouldn't when they're looking so elegantly handsome in their tux, right?

Here are more photos that I'm shoving from SS601.com. These are from Kyu's [kimkhyujong.com.ch].


marge0256 said...

Hi liezle!

thanks for sharing these set of pictures. They're all looking very handsome, gorgeous and hot in those tux. I read in one of the replies in quainte if I am not mistaken, that it looked like a wedding. they looked like they were in a wedding. haha!

One of my friends told me that a few of our friends got the chance to watch. I'll confirm it later.

Nice meeting you also by the way. Too bad i can't watch in BKK. but that was before my original plan, then HK came up.

I hope to see you in another Persona again! :D

cheers to your blog and all hard work!


All for 규 ♥ said...

I really wanted to laugh out loud at Kyu's hair!
Why cant be keep his nice hairstyle like in the press conference?! TT_TT

liezle said...

hi xiaochu! i think that amongst the members, noona stylist keeps experimenting Kyu's hair. ^^


Anonymous said...

something wrong with kyu's hair . haha xD

noona! please do something :D
btw , they look soooo handsome :D
SS501 <3

Jenna said...

Am I the only one who likes Kyu's hair? He looks manly and oh so handsome.

Jennifer said...

They all looked so gorgeous and handsome in the tux. I love Kyu's hair too. At least, his cute and handsome face can be seen clearly. :P

Anonymous said...

i like everything about kyu, so no matter what clothes he wear or what hairstyle they do, i guess he'll still look hot for me (duh! just shows am a die-hard kyu supporter ^^)

thank you for the pix, liezle^^