Wednesday, December 30, 2009

princes of pout ^*^

There are two more members of SS501 whose mannerism is also pouting [but the other one has 2 more] . But I think they do it less that the King of Pout. ^_^ Do you have any idea who they are?

Second of Jung Min is Kyu Jong. I'm pretty sure you've also seen him do his own share of pouting on some of the tv shows they're in.

After Kyu Jong, I think the third is Young Saeng.

What about Maknae? Hmm, yeah he pouts but i think it's not his mannerism. What Maknae does most of the time is crease his nose like this.

And Leader? I've a separate post on him ^_^

P.S. Thanks to the all shutterbugs who shared these photos.


Lady Jinxed said...

You made my day :)

Considering I had a sudden blackout ytd and feeling my most shitty today, yea, you made my day ^^

Anonymous said...

Cute Kyu. ThanKYU!
I also notice he does pout a lot.
I think I know too the mannerisms
you mentioned. I hope you blog
about those 2 too bec i want to
see pictures. =P
Baby is cute too but why only
one picture

marge0256 said...

This made my day. Very busy with work. Seeing all the pictures of pouts, and may I include. The one above this post. With that armani over there. :D

Thanks liezle a lot!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the photos.

I think Baby's most obvious mannerism is touching his hair...

Anonymous said...

i was intrigued with your post of "princes of pout" ..hmmm but when i clicked it...tadah!- thoroughly enjoyed looking at their lips... aiyayayay! my 2 faves! and their cute mannerisms!

thanKyu liezle... and may i wish you a more successful year ahead.... kamsahamnida!


danz said...

they all share different levels of cuteness, for me Young Saeng is the most cutesy patootsy and 2nd is Kyu Jong eeeee! so kyopta!XD