Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Short clip from Asia Buzz Awards

Here's another clip from the Asia Buzz Awards where in SS501 gave out an interview with the media. At 0:25 Jung Min answered on behalf of SS501.

Here is translation of what Jung Min said courtesy of Shirley:

Last year, we had individual activities like Hyun Joong acting in "Boys Over Flowers" and I was in musical Grease. While being busy, unexpectedly, we became more popular and received recognition. Very thankful for all the love.

P.S. Got info that true enough Leader took his parents to a late dinner after Persona in Hong Kong. Leader took his parents to dinner somewhere in Causeway Bay. Other fans were inside the restaurant before they came but after that the restaurant didn't allow anyone to enter anymore.


Anonymous said...

Next year will be another great year for SS501 =D

Wow, HJL is so sweet to his parents. I never expected him to be like this. How can I not love him.

Anonymous said...

Wow, wherever he goes, that place closed from the public just for his privacy. So cool.
Thanks for the vids.