Tuesday, December 15, 2009

[Pix and Vids] Sleek and Polished

They're definitely stylish.

Individuality. Confidence. That is what they have.

What makes them attractive fashion-wise are not the items hanging in their wardrobe but the spirit and flair they put into wearing them. Almost anything look good on them.

Just take another look at these photos taken by Kadd during the Asia Buzz Awards in Hong Kong last night that she shared on lovekimhyunjoong.wordpress.com.

Following are in thumbnails just click to enlarge.

Pretty nice shot by Kadd, right? Well, thanks Kadd for sharing them.

You know what guys, she's really one lucky gal. She not only saw SS501 last night she also saw them today at the airport! I'm sure Kadd's HK outing this time has a special place in her heart.

Btw, thanks to Kadd for giving me permission to post here photos here.

P.S. Let me also post this video that was shared by one Anonymous at the sidebar. Sorry I'm just posting now since I can't access YT where I was at earlier. Thank your for this and to the uploader on YT.

Can anyone understand what Hyun Joong said in English? I was trying hard to decipher but could only hear 'First of all... Asian fans.... I love you.'

I'll be adding another video this time from Shirley's shirbogurl3 channel. This is Leader's acceptance speech when he received the Taiwan and Korea Awards.

In his speech,
HJL thanked the fans for their support and he will continue to work hard.


tetsu girl said...

This is what I hear:
"This for all of Asian fans [something something] love me [or loving?] in this four year [or vote here?]. Thanks very much to all of you."
Not sure though. ^^;

Thanks, kadd, for the updates and pics! They're gorgeous!

Tuliplilac Shirley said...

glad to hear Leader speak in english...though i didn manage to hear all his words...
Congrats boys, 2009 is a rewarding year.. 2010 will be better !! Fighting !!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Leader, congrats SS501!! They are the best, indeed.
Fans are cheering so loud, I can hardly hear anything.
Thanks for sharing