Friday, December 18, 2009

[Vids & Pix] SS501 @ Gimpo Airport 12.18.09 [added video]

SS501 left late in the afternoon to go to Tokyo, Japan for their SS501 2nd Christmas Show with TSJ.

Here's a video posted by Gilch on In this video you can only see Kyu Jong, Jung Min [in mask], Maknae and Young Saeng. You can also see DSP President with them. Hyun Joong is no where to be seen. Not sure why though I'm pretty sure he will be going to Japan. Otherwise, it's already big news. ^_^

Here similar vid in YT by 3kimheoparkss501. Thanks to newyorkcitygirl for the tip.

Here's another video this time from HSScandal.

Similar vid from Shirley's shirbogurl3 YT channel.

Btw, I got news from violet. According to her Hyun Joong will be the model of Basic House with Yoon Eun Hye. A poster will be taken early next year.

P.S. I won't make another page for these photos since there are only two. Thanks to for these photos.

I hope noona stylist will always keep Maknae simply styled.


ron said...

I agree with you liezle.. I just hope noona stylist realize that Maknae looks a lot lot better if his hairstyle is just like this one ^_^

Anonymous said...

Cutee Baby Hyung Joon