Monday, December 21, 2009

[Pix] SS501 @ the 2nd Christmas Show

I'm sure some are wondering what happened to my previous post regarding SS501 LLT @ the 2nd Christmas Show. Well, I deleted that post due to copyright issue and video privacy. So, if you guys happen to have posted that video anywhere please be nice and delete that video. ^_^ Thank you.

As always whenever SS501 is in Japan we experience scarcity in photos and news. That is because Japanese are obedient. When they say no cameras are allowed inside they will abide [though some still get away but they don't usually share in public only few]. As you know copyright law in Japan is very very strict. I should know since I'm a BYJ fan. ^_^

Anyway, I was just in checking for some new stuffs and I happen to see this set of photos from the 2nd Chirstmas Show posted by 지금갑니다 which I shoving here. Thanks 지금갑니다. I hope that it's okay to post these here. Likewise thanks to where I believe these photos originally came from.

Too bad Jung Min is not in any of the photos which obviously taken in a rush. I would have wanted to see how noona stylist styled Jung Min's hair. I read on that noona stylist didn't style his hair in his usual bowl style this time.

Btw, a dear friend who was at the event had a chance to talk to Kyu Jong and she said that he's nice. She tried talking to Jung Min too but he's sooo hard to catch since like I said he's very very popular amongst the Japanese TS. Hmm, I wonder if she got the chance to talk to her favorite when I think she was kinda busy 'interogating' one member for someone ^_^ . Never had a chance to ask her earlier. Anyway, if you're reading this, please send me an email and let me know, k? ^_^


shirbo said...

haha she's the best and always our savior when we need help!! hehe "interrogating"!! haha i'm glad she "interrogated" him =) and she did something to her favorite that caused laughter among the boys..i'll leave it for her to tell u the story through email!! hehe

Anonymous said...

^ whatever!