Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Yahoo! says, they are the best in asia

Loads of thanks to xiaochu for the translation of this news over at Quainte501.

It's been a good year for SS501. I hope it'll continue to be good in 2010. With our support everything is possible, right?

12/15 [news] SS501 Asia Best Group Award – Kim HyunJoong Asia Best Star Triple Crown

Credits : psyon@newsen.com + SS601.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com


Group SS501 and Kim HyunJoong won Asia Best Group Award and Asia Best Male Star Award respectively in ‘Yahoo! Asia Buzz Award 2009”.

SS501 received the award for Asia Top Buzz Group Award at Yahoo! Asia Buzz Awards 2009 supported by Yahoo!Taiwan, Yahoo!HongKong and Yahoo!Korea, held at HongKong Convention Center on 14-Dec, competing among top stars from various countries.

Leader Kim HyunJoong had the honor of winning 3 awards at this award ceremony, including Asia Top Buzz Male Artist, Top Buzz Korean Artist and Netizen Chosen Top Male Artist, true to the name of the top Asia artiste.

SS501 member Kim HyungJoon said “Congratulations to Kim HyunJoong for being triple crowned. We will repay everyone with new album and music.” Park JungMin said “In this one year, 5 of us reunited after a long time to release our album and even held our Asia Tour, we have a lot of activities and we are glad that we have good results.”

Kim HyunJoong who had the honor of being triple crowned on that day, said his winning speech in Korean but also prepared his speech in Chinese and English, attracting attention with that. Kim HyunJoong expressed his feelings “I would like to thank fans not only in Korea, but also in Taiwan, HongKong, etc for giving us so much love, and I will become an even more hardworking Kim HyunJoong.”

Meanwhile at this award ceremony, SS501 sat with Taiwan artiste Joseph (Joe) Cheng who is very interested in Korean music and Hallyu. He greeted with SS501 and took photos together, showing his interest.

SS501 finished their concert on 12-Dec at HongKong Expo Arena and has returned to Korea on 15-Dec for awhile before flying to Japan for a performance on 16-Dec.


Anonymous said...

congrats leader, congrats ss501.
i wanna ask : did leader get 3 trophy or he only get 1 trophy for winning 3 awards?

Anonymous said...

congratulation leader ! :)
keep up on a good work! <3
SS501 , fighting ! :D

Anonymous said...

let all TRIPLE S /Green peas and SS501 fans worlwide unite to support all their individual/group activities to make sure they're always the best and number 1!

congratulations! SS501 Fighting!