Friday, April 30, 2010

[vids] more of young saeng @ kntv 04.29.10

Much thanks again to HSScandal for sharing these vids. Also, thanks to 쵸콜릿 for sharing on

According to smallwolf on the sidebar, it seems that Young Saeng performed 3 songs in the event. One of which is from the OST of 'Will There Be Snow in Chirstmas' which you saw HERE. He also sang '負けないで' ( original by ZARD ) which is the first vid and 'First time look into the sky'.

If you can't see the vid above click HERE.

The second vid takes time to buffer so just be patient.

Again, if you can't see the vid click HERE.

This one is during the interview. It looks like 501Day was mention and I kinda decipher that there'll be an event [?] or something on May 1st? I hope someone clarify this.

If you can't view the vid above click HERE.


miyo said...

if i didn't hear wrongly from the translator.. lol..
he mentioned that the album will be delayed..
but they are intending to release the album jacket pictures which they have took on 1st May.. ^^

Anonymous said...

what else is new with this delay... all we gotta do is wait and buy it once its out...

tetsu girl said...

OOOH RLY? i was hoping they would at least release some teaser photos on May 1st! it'll still be 501 Day, the beginning of their comeback! :D thanks for the good news, miyo!
btw, ss501ufo has the YS vids uploaded to YT now, so no more waiting for daum yay! ^^

Anonymous said...

lovin his voice more... i watched the 3rd vid, have no idea what he's saying but still continued to stare at him (since he is irresistible^^)and can some nice person translate this interview to english, please?!thank you!!