Monday, February 28, 2011

[Article] HJB 'Girl' from Solo Debu Album

Today is the day! Yes, Hyung Jun's carrier single for his solo album 'Girl' has been revealed to the public.

Actually it's been one year since the first time I've heard 'Girl' during Persona in Seoul Encore and when I first heard it I total fell inlove with the song in an instant. Now that it's included in HJB's solo album plus an MV I am more excited to see and hear it more.

Here's an article by VITALSIGN from AKP with regard to the song.


SS501’s Kim Hyung Jun releases “Girl” from solo debut album

Source: Newsen via Nate, Naver Music
courtes of VITALSIGN on February 27, 2011 at 10:35 pm
Share228/ AllKPop

SS501’s Kim Hyung Jun released his solo debut track, “Girl“!

The track was previously revealed during SS501 concerts and it received much love amongst fans. Indeed, fans may love it even more when they discover that the song was re-arranged to become his gesture of gratitude for everyone stood by his side.

Produced by hit composer Rado (the man behind B2ST’s “Soom” and MBLAQ’s “Stay“), “Girl” features a pop-dance rhythm with an addictive melody which is tempered by Kim Hyung Jun’s mature voice.

The star also teased fans with a photo of a beautiful lady on his Twitter, and fans are assuming that its a hint of the featured ‘girl’ in his upcoming music video.

We’ll have more details on his video soon, but until then, check out the song below!


Anonymous said...

I love this song so much and the girl is absolutely stunning, she looks so much like Hwang Bo!

Good luck KHJ, your fans will always support, I'm going to order ur album..yey...!!

Anonymous said...

So sad..There's nothing unique about this song... it can't stay in my head...

I don't like this composer and I don't think Mblaq's Stay is nice too...

Why like that? I want Baby to be successful! One slightly better song frm other artiste, and this song will be replaced...

If that happens, Baby will be very disappointed...:(

Anonymous said...

we do not have to worry about this song, many people find it catchy and good, we can only do to support him, he will come back with new song, this song is just the beginning of his solo career!

Anonymous said...

The reviews I've read for this song from allkpop and youtube are all pretty good. Haven't seen any negative comment really. A lot of people find it catchy and addictive.